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Sony introduced 4K UltraHD TVs and Projectors four (4) years ago. Their very first sets used nano-particle quantum dot crystal technology enabling bright vivid colors and deep dark black levels.

It took others 3 years to catch up. Now Sony continues to lead with the Z9D-Series. Near perfect black levels combine with the ability to reproduce the brightness and color of the real world, while your favorites get upscaled and enhanced to look like 4K HDR (high dynamic range).

It’s a viewing experience that can’t be replicated. Sony’s OLEDs were announced at CES in January, 2017. The Z9D-Series and Sony’s OLEDs use Sony’s X-1 Extreme processor chip for the best picture ever. Sony’s entire XBR family of 4K UltraHD TV’s and Projectors are available from Channels.

Add a universal remote or i-Device and Android control from URC or Savant installed and programmed by Channels for the ultimate in convenience and luxury. System automation solutions are available starting at $499.00.

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