MG2.7i’s and 2.7x’s By Magneplanar

A pair of 3-way, full-range, Magneplanar loudspeakers in two versions.

We have exciting news about new Magneplanar speakers now available for auditon and delivery from Channels in Reno, NV.

Magneplanar speakers are legendary for clear open realistic sound coming from various size thin flat floor-standing panels.

We just received a shipment of the new Magneplanar 2.7i and 2.7x speakers. I must say these models have everything optimized for exceptional sound, great looks, excellent “Made in USA” build quality, and a choice between a standard version, the 2.7i, and a premium version, the 2.7x.

The size and aspect ratio of the 2.7’s is perfect. It has a look that is “just right” for most domestic environments. It is not too wide and not too tall. It just fits in. Amazing!

Although both models look the same on the outside, there are big differences in sound and performance.

  • The 2.7i easily represents the best of Magneplanar’s finest qualities.
  • The 2.7x takes sound and performance to a whole new level.

Both have a true ribbon tweeter. This brings stunning levels of clarity. The X version takes over from there.

  • The 2.7x has big improvements in dynamic range, increased efficiency, and the ability to play at room filling live performance levels.
  • It has wide, deep, precise imaging, and an exceptional ability to recreate the acoustic environment, air, space, and nuances in a recording..
  • By comparison, only a few of the very best speakers in the world can do this as well as the 2.7x speakers. We know because we carry and display those speakers and the best electronics to drive them as well.

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