eero networks provides the next generation solution for mesh Wi-Fi networks. We are a CEDIA Certified Network Specialist and an eero custom installation dealer. This enables us to offer the eero Router, which can also easily be configured as an eero Access Point, and the eero Beacon, which plugs into any AC outlet to extend the Wi-Fi service area, including remote management and remote access plus the unique Power Over Ethernet (POE) custom install adapters for eero access points.

POE enables us to use your existing Ethernet cables in your walls or ceilings to deliver power to the eero access points without using “wall wart” power adapters or requiring an electrician to install outlets near or behind these access points. All eero products are small, unobtrusive devices that we can easily install and configure for whole house Wi-Fi. We can also add small or large Ethernet switches to attach wired Ethernet devices throughout your house and equipment cabinets for secure “deterministic” hard wired automation systems, audio, and video streaming equipment and applications.

Best of all, we can install a typical eero whole house network with Wi-Fi and Ethernet wired connections in about 30 minutes. Why? Because eero has only two cost effective products that do the whole job; the eero Router/Access Point product which can also be configured as a router or access point with the click of a switch, and the eero Beacon, which is a Wi-Fi extender. We have the expertise to design and install a high performance eero network that can easily be extended, even in irregular shaped areas and multi-level residences in about 30 minutes.

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