Manage Screen Time

Router Limits lets you set your family’s internet schedules as broadly or as narrowly as you like, and customize the usage parameters to each user on your home network. For the kids, block everything during homework time, or just allow specific educational sites. For everyone, turn off access to social media during dinner. Enforce bed time the easy way — no more arguments! Create exceptions to meet your needs, such as sites related to a teenager’s extracurricular activities.

Filter Content

Is Jimmy hitting Minecraft when he should be doing math? Katie watching Netflix at all hours of the night? For that matter, are Mom and Dad having trouble leaving Facebook alone during family dinner? Maybe you’ve decided that there’s one particular website that you don’t want invading your home… We’ve got it handled. Each individual device on your network is now subject to your content choices, not the other way around. Manage the iPod, the Xbox, the Roku, the Android, the smart TV, the laptop…with custom filters that you tailor to your own family members and the standards you want to set for your own home.

Track Browsing History

We all know that clever internet users can cover their tracks by clearing the browser history, right? With Router Limits, destroying the evidence by deleting the trail is not an option! Our system stores your home network’s internet browsing history for you in the cloud, where it can’t be touched by mischievous hands. Reviewing the history is a great way to open up a dialogue with your kids about healthy internet use, providing transparency and accountability.

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